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MB 107: Groupon F12: Groupon Inc.

Featured Resource

On MB 107 Course Reserves:
Mobile Fact Pack 2012: A Guide to Mobile Marketing  by Ad Age Data Center
This Mobile Fact Pack includes key data on mobile ad spending, platform and OEM share, penetration and demographics, consumer behavior, top mobile ad agencies and mobile ad networks.
August 20th, 2012   --28 pages

Library Research Assignment

Please note:  Use Internet Explorer to access the ProQuest Statistical Datasets database, Firefox is not working properly.  Question 3 on Assignment #2: Find an Oct. 4th article from the Targeted News Service instead of the Sept. 7th article from News on LexisNexis Academic.

The Library Research Assignment  is worth up to 2 bonus points on your final MB 107 grade if succesfully completed. Please turn your completed assignment in to your professor.

Assignment Due Dates:

Prof. Tancredi-Penman (001 & 002): Tuesday, October 16, 2012:  Library Assignment No. 2

Prof. D'Abate (003 & 004): Tuesday, October 16, 2012,  Library Assignment No. 1

Prof. Hamilton (005): Wednesday, October 17, 2012, Library Assignment No. 1

Company Reports

Industry Reports

Marketing Information

Digital Family Trees 2012
Some free data on digital marketing is available on this AdAge database. Try selecting the Social Media or Digital Fast Facts tabs, click on the "+" symbol to access the data.

By the Numbers. (2012). Adweek, 53(19), D15.
Digital Marketing special section with data on Online vs. TV Ad Spending 2011-2016 (billions). 

For additional sorces see the Marketing & Advertising tab on the Management & Business Subject Page.


Group Study Rooms

Group Study Room

Library Group Study rooms may be reserved up to 24 hours in advance for a maximum of 2 hours per student. Reservations may be made using the link on the library home page ( or for immediate access to a room use the Crestron panel outside the room.     

USB or Datastor:
It is highly recommended that students use a USB storage device (memory stick/flash drive) to access their visual aids for the formal presentation.  Use Datastor to save your research and presentation materials as you prepare them.