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Scholarly Communication: SelectedWorks FAQs

SelectedWorks FAQ



What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is a faculty profile system that harvests metadata from Skidmore's institutional repository, Creative Matter, to populate customizable faculty profile pages. SelectedWorks pages may include publications, datasets, awards, grants received, and any other information about yourself that you wish to share.

SelectedWorks pages can be used to promote other webpages you maintain, journals you are associated with, or organizations you support. It can also be used to share your scholarship and accomplishments with a built-in mailing list feature and view webpage traffic via a personalized reports page.


What are the benefits of creating my SelectedWorks page?

  • Global discoverability of your academic profile and scholarly works (publications, presentations, datasets and etc.)
  • Collecting and organizing scholarly legacy in one central location
  • Promoting discoverability in search results (e.g. Google Scholar)
  • Personalized worldwide readership statistics
  • Ownership of your profile
  • Easy in-line editing and immediate updates
  • Co-managed account with the library
  • Permanent URL
  • Academic networking opportunities
  • Easy "follow" functionality
  • Compatible with other social media tools


How can I set up my SelectedWorks page?

Any faculty or staff member can set up a SelectedWorks page for their research. Please contact SelectedWorks site administrator Jiebei Luo or your subject librarian to discuss a plan and time line.


How does SelectedWorks communicate with Creative Matter?

Creative Matter is Skidmore’s institutional repository, which archives and makes available the scholarly work of Skidmore faculty, staff and students by academic departments and programs. SelectedWorks is a Skidmore-branded platform that harvests metadata from Creative Matter and displays the information by individual scholar. This allows SelectedWorks to function as a faculty profile system and publish faculty’s academic profiles from more than 200 universities over the world. Think of Selected Works as a cross between the traditional faculty web page and a social media platform such as or