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SSP 100 25: Hamilton (F2019): Citation

What's a bibliography?

What's a Bibilography?

A bibliography, often referred to as a "References" or a "Works Cited" page is an alphabetical list of all the materials (books, articles from journals, newspapers, interviews, web pages, etc.) used in the preparation of a research paper or that are referred to in the text of a research project. The purpose of a bibliography is to provide the information necessary to find the item listed. Each item listed is called a citation. 

APA Resources

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Print Guide - 7th Edition
Crash Course

MLA Resources

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RefWorks is a citation management system that allows you to create, edit, and save citations.  Accounts are free to Skidmore students, faculty, and staff. 

What's an annotated bibliography?

What's an Annotated Bibliography?

Annotated bibliographies include an annotation, which is a paragraph that describes and evaluates a resource.The annotation comes directly after the citation for the source. The summary usually includes a brief description of the contents of the resource, its value with respect to your topic, and a description of the author's particular viewpoint or bias. The tutorial below will outline all the required components and give examples of this type of bibliography.