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Find Articles: Find Articles


Welcome to the Scribner Library Research Guide for Finding Articles.  Please use the tabs above to learn more about finding and reading scholarly articles.

What is a Periodical?

A periodical is a publication that is issued regularly, published at weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other intervals. Periodicals range from technical and scholarly journals to illustrated magazines for mass circulation. --Credo Reference

What is a Journal?

A journal is "a periodical dealing especially with a specialist subject." Academic or scholarly articles are usually published in journals.--Credo Reference

Finding Full Text

Can't find the full text of an article? Look for this button:

 Image of the Get Full Text link

Learn more tips for finding articles!

Tips for Finding Articles

Research Assistance

Define Topic

Find Information

Compose Query

  • Consider keywords & alternative spellings, (synonyms, acronyms)
  • Use Boolean connectors (and, or, not)
  • Use parentheses to group like terms with OR
  • Truncate terms to expand search (!, *, ?)

Locate Articles

  • Select the Journals tab on the Library web page.
  • Search keyword of journal title
  • Browse journals by subject.

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