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Children's Literature

How do I find children's literature?

To find children's literature on a particular topic, use the Library Catalog. You can search for a title or author by just typing either or both in the search boxes. 

If you are searching by subject, in one of your search boxes type the term "juvenile" and limit that box to "Subject." You can then type other terms in the additional boxes. 

Catalog search with the word "juvenile" typed in the first box and limited to Subject and the word "mummies" in the secodn search box.

Where's the children's literature?
The Children's room is located on the 3rd floor of the library and contains a variety of children's material including fiction and nonfiction picture books and novels. 
Fiction books are organized in alphabetical order by the author. Nonfiction books and poetry are organized by the Dewey Decimal system.  If you're searching for a particular book, check the catalog

Dewey Decimal System

000 - Generalities 500 - Natural Sciences & Math
100 - Philosophy & Psychology 600 - Technology (Applied Sciences)
200 - Religion 700 - The Arts
300 - Social Sciences 800 - Literature
400 - Language 900 - Geography, History, & Biography

New Books