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Lucy Scribner Library offers the landings in several interior stairwells as canvases for student murals! 

  • Any Skidmore student is welcome to submit a proposal so you do not need to be an art major. A proposal may be scoped to a single landing or multiple landings.
  • Please read the policies and procedures below to ensure that your proposal meets the requirements. If you have any questions along the way, contact us.


  • A completed Library Mural Proposal Form must include a schedule for when the work will be done. Proposals will be vetted and approved by the College Librarian and the Fine Arts Librarian. Scribner Library commits to keeping an individual mural in place for a minimum of one year. After one year, the mural may be whitewashed to make way for new murals. High quality photographs of each mural will be archived in Creative Matter, with the artist(s) retaining their copyright to the images.
  • Murals will be limited to three (fire) stairwells and, for safety reasons, only to the landings.
  • Murals should be created using latex (water-based) paint. Other media must be explicitly approved by Scribner Library.

  • Paint and equipment (rollers, brushes, drop-cloths, etc.) must be acquired or purchased by the respective individual or group submitting the mural proposal. Latex paint should be purchased from local stores which take back unused paint for paint recycling projects such as Habitat for Humanity. Students may consider applying for funding from other sources on campus. In limited cases, the library may contribute modest funding.
  • Once a mural installation is scheduled, the Assistant to the Director will alert all building residents to the timing of upcoming latex paint activity within the building.
  • Before painting, drop-cloths must be securely placed to protect the institution's and students' property.
  • All paint and equipment must be stored in a secure location. The Assistant to the Director will make available a storage location for the outlined duration of the project.
  • Mural installation must be completed within ten (10) days from the starting date.
  • Upon completion of the project, a final inspection will be made by the College Librarian and Fine Arts Librarian. If necessary, a representative from Housekeeping will also inspect the area. All supplies, paint, and equipment must be removed by students who worked on the project.
  • Any cost of damage resulting from the installation (i.e., stained carpets, painted woodwork, inappropriate mural designs, ceilings, etc.) will be billed to the individuals involved in the project.
  • No area may be painted more than once per academic year.
  • For safety reasons, mural installation can take place in only one stairwell at a time.
  • For safety reasons, no ladders may be used in the course of a mural installation.
  • Stairwells must be kept clear and passable at all times during the installation process and must be cleaned up at the end of each day. No paint may be stored in the stairwell. A storage cart will be provided for moving paint and equipment each day.

Contact the College Librarian

Contact the Fine Arts Librarian

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Yvette Cortes
phone: 518-538-8311
office: Library 319

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