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Research-a-thon 2024: Welcome!

Runners running in a straight line, each holding a book, laptop, backpack or other research-related item

Thanks for taking part in the 2024 Research-a-thon.

Raffle winners will be emailed on Monday, February 26th.


We'll see you next year for Research-a-thon 2025! 

What is the Research-a-thon?

The 8th annual Research-a-thon takes place online and consists of a series of questions related to library resources and services as well as research skills. There are 26 multiple-choice questions.  You can finish all 26 questions or end your Research-a-thon at any point.  Like any marathon, it will start off easy and gradually increase in difficulty!  


How do I access the Research-a-thon?

Visit this web page from February 19th-25th to access a link to enter.


Who can participate in the Research-a-thon?

Skidmore students, faculty, and staff can participate in the Research-a-thon, but only Skidmore students will be eligible for the raffles.


How do I send my professor my Research-a-thon score?

When you submit your Research-a-thon using the Google form, you will receive an email with a link to your score.  You can forward that email to your professor to confirm that you participated in the Research-a-thon and your score. 


Student Gift Card Raffle

  • For each question answered correctly, a student earns an entry into our raffle for Northshire Bookstore gift cards (four $25 cards and one $50 card). The more questions you answer correctly, the more entries you get! 
  • We also have a raffle for a $50 Northshire Bookstore gift card for students who answer all 26 questions correctly!


Participating students who win gift cards will be notified by email on Monday, February 26th.