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Our Journals Search lets you search for any periodical (academic journal, magazine, or newspaper). It will tell you if we have access to the full-text of that publication, for what years, and in what databases. You can click on the database link to then browse or search within that specific publication.


Research Tips for Finding and Using Articles

References from an Article

Research Tip #1: Look at the Bibliography

If you've found a source that works well for your research, look at their bibliography. There's probably going to be a couple of sources that they've used that you should use as well.

Article with the Cited By tool circled

Research Tip #2: See Who Else Has Cited a Source

Google Scholar and many of our databases have a "Cited By" or "Times Cited" tool that lets you see what other sources have cited an article. If you've got a good article, see who else cited it. You'll probably find a couple of other sources relevant to your research.

The Subject Terms part of an article record from a library database

Research Tip #3: Look at the Subject Terms

Many of our databases will assign Subjects or Subject Terms to the articles, identifying the main topics of that article. Look at the Subject Terms to see if there are other search terms you should be trying in a database.