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Scholarly Communication: Video Guidelines

Copyright - Video Guidelines

Part II - Video Guidelines

In Library Use
Classroom and Campus Use
Off-Air Taping


In Library Use

  • Most showings of a videotape in a public room as part of an entertainment or cultural program, whether a fee is charged or not, is infringing and a performance license is required from the copyright owner.
  • To the extent that a videotape is used in an educational program conducted in a public room in the Library, the performance will not be infringing if the requirements for classroom use are met.
  • If patrons are allowed to view videotapes on Library-owned equipment, they should be limited to private performances, i.e., one person or no more than a small number of persons, at a time.
  • Even if a videotape is labeled "For Home Use Only," private viewing in the Library should be considered to be authorized by the vendor's sale to the Library if the vendor makes this sale with knowledge of the Library's intention to use the videotape on Library-owned equipment.
  • Videotapes may be loaned to patrons for personal use outside of the Library.
  • If patrons inquire about a planned use (performance) of a videotape, they should be informed that only private uses of it are lawful.

Classroom and Campus Use

Classroom use or showing of a copyrighted videotape is permissible under the following conditions:

  • The use must be by instructors or by students.
  • The use is in connection with teaching activities and is confined to members in a discrete course or other teaching activity.
  • The entire audience is involved with the teaching activity.
  • The entire audience is in same general physical area.
  • The showing takes place in a classroom or other instructional venue (library, gym, auditorium, or workshop).
  • The videotape is lawfully made; the person responsible has no reason to believe that the videotape was not lawfully made.

Off-Air Taping

  • Off-air broadcasts may be videotaped and legally shown once to a single class within the first ten days after the date of the broadcast. This does not allow for multiple showings or general showings within the college.
  • The taping must be from a commercial broadcast (no premium cable channels).
  • After ten days they may not be shown unless copyright clearance is obtained.
  • The professor may retain the tape for an additional 35 days for personal evaluation purposes only. After that time the tape MUST be erased or copyright clearance obtained.